AFS Adapts and Remains Relevant in the Digital World

AFS headquarters are housed in the Glascock Building in Bethesda, Maryland.

By Christine Moffitt, Robert M. Hughes, Doug Austen, Tom Bigford, Beth Beard, Dan Cassidy, and Aaron Lerner

In this paper, we highlight the growth, professional involvement, and impact of AFS over the past 25 years. This increment follows summaries of the years 1970 to 1995, provided by Mary Frye and John Gottschalk on the occasion of the AFS 125th Anniversary (Frye and Gottschalk 1995). Their update followed an exceptionally comprehensive compilation of the centennial history of AFS in Special Publication 7, A Century of Fisheries in North America , edited by Norman Benson. Three chapters of the centennial book reviewed AFS development and growth. Paul Thompson summarized the first 50 years, Benson covered Society development in the next 50 years, and Robert Hutton, AFS Executive Director in 1970, provided a state of the Society with details of the 100th anniversary year’s activities. A photographic history of AFS provided by Moffitt (2001) supplemented the story of the first 130 years of AFS. Each publication documented the growth of professionalism, policies, and procedures that remain at the heart of how AFS conducts business and contributes to its long‐term success….Read more in the April 2020 issue of Fisheries.

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