AFS Roots: Mothers of Fishes

By Christina A. Murphy, Lauren Zatkos, Kelsi Antonelli, A. Brent Cárdenas, Christina Linkem, Michael Manning, Juan Andres Olivos, Brooke E. Penaluna, Amanda Pollock, and Ivan Arismendi

In light of the profound influence that women have had in fisheries science and AFS, we recognize contributions of some of the historical mothers of fishes and AFS, in keeping with the theme of “The Father of All the Fishes” (Murphy 2020). Women have challenged accepted wisdom in fisheries and led AFS vibrantly, especially since the 1990s. These vignettes highlight a range of time periods and geographies, and attempt to include a subset of well‐known as well as underrecognized scientists. While we recognize that many amazing women are not profiled below, we hope to have captured some of the diversity of contributions both inside and outside of AFS. Without these women, we would have missed fundamental leadership, novel advances, and overall progress in the field. By chronicling the contributions of some of the many women who helped build our science and our Society over the past 150 years, we hope to highlight the ongoing importance of women in fisheries and AFS and spark a more inclusive global fisheries community and workforce for everyone….Read more in the July 2020 issue of Fisheries.

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