Reflections: A Photographic History of Fisheries and the American Fisheries Society in North America

New York State’s Experimental Trout Stream, Crystal Creek, Adirondacks, New York. Field personnel (left to right) S. Lee Crump, Robert Zilliox, Howard Schuck, Arch Petty, Donald Pasko. Courtesy of Howard Schuck.

by Christine M. Moffitt, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, University of Idaho

with graphic design by Tracy M. Akin, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, University of Idaho

© 2001 American Fisheries Society

The 131-year history of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) reflects the changes in the social and geographical history of North America. To begin this journey, we explore the historical context at the time AFS began and then trace the changes, challenges, successes, and failures to the present time. In his presidential summary in 1948, John Van Oosten wrote of the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, “In no other publication can be followed so completely the history of the development and progress in North America of fish culture, fishery research, fishery management, and conservation from the earliest years to the present.”

This historical photo-essay and compact disc provides a visual and audio opportunity for you to explore the history of the AFS— to reflect on its past, to review its present activities, and to renew a vision for its future. The history is provided in a general narrative format with the details of source material (interviews, photographs, printed materials) provided at the end. Because of the scope of the project and the limited size of this presentation, many components of history could not be included. I apologize in advance to those whose valuable contributions are not mentioned. This history is dedicated to all AFS members in recognition of their many efforts and their sincere commitment to our fishery and aquatic resources….

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